Sunday, February 8, 2009

Making the first battery box....

This is the steel frame for the rear battery box, made of slotted angle iron. It will hold four 12V batteries (Trojan 1275 flooded lead acid golf cart batteries) the walls will be made of plywood and will have a 1" styrofoam lining for insulation. (the top part of the frame has not yet been assembled in this photo)

The original gas tank also served as part of the trunk floor, so its removal leaves a hole in the trunk, but its not large enough for the battery box.

After elarging the hole.

Its a tight fit, but the box goes in.

Next will be the front battery box that will hold another 4 batteries. With tigher space constraints, and other parts in the way like brake mechanisms and a steering column, this will be more of a challenge. Using cardboard mockups of the batteries is useful in trying different layouts.

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