Friday, May 1, 2009

Getting closer to a car that starts and stops

Making a modified "dog house" to fit the transmission, using part of the original cover and sheet metal from an old 286 IBM PC.

Mounts to hold the adapter plate to the frame.

Installation of the firewall-mounted, more modern, master brake cylinder. The original was frame mounted under the driver seat.

The temperature is warming up enough to do some painting, and the car is slowly becoming more monochromatic.

The electric motor has arrived, so I am doing the final steps to fit it to the transmission. The transmission input shaft is cut with a grinder to the right length.

Bolting the motor to the adapter plate. Concentrity is achieved by the hole in the plate matching with the raised bevel on the motor face-plate.

Looking inside the bell housing at the coupler.

the motor and transmission assembled.

Lifting the motor into place.

Connecting the driveshaft.

Assembling the adapter plate bracket.

Anxious to see the parts turning, I try running the whole drive train, with rear tires off the ground, with a 12V battery.

The addition of a front bracket to support the back of the motor.


Stuart said...

Great project - I've been following along since you started! Nice to see the motor going in. How are you painting the car?

DrDon said...

For painting, I'm using a high density foam roller, and Tremlad/Rustoleum paint, with a final color sand and polish.