Sunday, December 7, 2008

The continuation, which pretty much brings this blog up to date ....

Here is the slip yolk from the Chevette transmission (on the left) and the U-joint cut of the original transmission's slip yolk. The plan to interface the new transmission is to put the old u-joint on the newer slip yolk.

Here is the newer slip yolk with the u-joint cut off and machined to index with the old u-joint so it stays centred.

The modified parts fitted together, and eventually will be welded.

Fitting up the transmission to design new brackets . The slip yolk is held together with duct tape for now.

The bracket that I made for mounting the back end of the transmission.

The bell housing resting on an aluminum plate that will be the adapter for the electric motor. The metal shop had an offcut that was exactly the right size. Serendipity happens.

Starting on modifying the heater box. Here, the heater core will be replaced with the workings of a electric ceramic heater.

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